Daniel Cortez

Transformational Coach

Unlocking Evolutionary Potential with Ancestral Wisdom

Primal Health and Movement Coach, Psychedelic Shaman in Training, Wim Hof Master Instructor

I spent the last 15 years overcoming illness, re-examining everything I thought I knew about health, wellness, and performance. While ill, I finally realized that conventional medicine had no answers to my health problems. What’s more, I learned that I was not alone – chronic disease rates are steadily rising despite the advances of modern technology.I was obsessed with turning my life around. I ended up using my analytical ability, (which I assumed would lead me to a career in law) to learn everything I could about evolutionary biology, anthropology, nutrition, functional medicine, and human movement. (For the full story, read my blog post- “Overcoming Illness with Ancestral Wisdom – My Story”)

I now guide clients with an uncommon combination of wellness modalities, pulling extensively from evolutionary science, modern psychology, and ancestral wisdom. It is my belief that by tapping into the ancient wisdom inside each and every one of us, we can all become the hero of our own journey.

Eventually, I won my battle with chronic illness after traveling to Peru to study the traditional indigenous use of psychedelic plant medicine. My current practice is now informed by my experience and fueled by my desire to guide others to become the hero of their own journey using the knowledge and tools learned through my suffering.

I now have dozens of former clients around the world who have worked with me as a coach, attended my classes, or taken part in my intensive workshops and retreats. The fulfillment I receive coaching others is unparalleled to any other work I have done in my life. And I continue to learn. And you have my promise that I always will.

I currently coach a small group of 1-on-1 clients online and in-person. I reside in Cusco, Peru where I help clients with the “integration” of their psychedelic experiences and study traditional Shamanic medicine.