Evolutionary Mismatch and Finding the Middle Path

Daniel Cortez

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Have you ever been transplanted into a new town and immediately set off on forging new relationships? I’ve not only done so but have also established a strong place for myself professionally in the movement world in a short time. I share about myself as a coach, a law school grad, matcha enthusiast, natural mover, health transformer, sea kayaker, breathing teacher, iconoclast, and a student of life.

I believe there is a better way to be more closely aligned with how we as humans have evolved. As a coach, my cause is to guide people to their own middle path to reconcile the inevitable obstacles to health and wellness caused by evolutionary mismatches. The coaching I provide is informed by my own struggles with chronic illness and a plethora of continuing education. Here are some of my credentials: Functional Range Conditioning/Kinstretch instructor, Mobility WOD 102 coach, Wim Hof Method Master Instructor, Primal Health Coach, Level 2 MovNat instructor, and he is in his second year of Katy Bowman’s two-year Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise teacher training.

In this podcast I cover:

  • How to reach for opportunity
  • How to overcome the illusion of self
  • Why we live in a world that wasn’t meant for our DNA
  • How plant medicine can be used for good
  • and more!