The OMNI Athlete – Episode #86: Why You Have to Train the Human First

The OMNI Athlete Podcast

“Today’s guest is Daniel Cortez – an elite strength, conditioning, mobility, and health coach who is on a mission to empower his clients to express their optimal humanity and be the hero of their own journey.

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Pulled Quotes

  • “Think of yourself as a human first, and an athlete with specific needs than the rest of the population after that.”
  • “You have to purposefully look at people who are thinking in this very 10,000 foot view about how to cultivate a lifestyle that includes your activity… it is not just based on your activity.”
  • “Healthy human beings have always been generalists.”
  • “We’re stacking up behavior that we don’t have good biological adaptation for.”
  • “Think of yourself as the thing that changes.”
  • “Not everyone is a good candidate to do serious psychedelic work.”

What You Will Learn from This Episode

  • Why many athletes don’t actually move as much as they think they do
  • What peak performance and integral thinking have in common
  • How specialization can limit your capacity to connect with being human
  • The barriers to mapping your lifestyle in a way that accelerates your performance
  • Why your ideal lifestyle is in direct conflict with normal society
  • How your genes are adapted to an environment that no longer exists
  • Why awareness of psychedelics is growing in western culture


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