Live Up To Your Evolutionary Potential

So you want to make a change.

  • Feel stuck living in the day-to-day?
  • Disconnected from your body and foggy in the mind?
  • Struggling to find purpose and vital energy in your daily routines?

The Problem: Evolutionary Mis-Match

Our Environment Has Changed Faster Than Our Genes Can Evolve

The modern world is designed by us, but not for us. Think about it – 20,000 years ago, homo-sapiens were primarily hunter-gathers, in sync with nature, withstanding incredible cold, heat, and scarcity while managing to thrive. (Pre-agricultural humans were taller, healthier, and lived longer than their farming successors.)

In the history of modern humans (+200,000 years) social media, cheap grains, artificial light, and fractured communities have been just an eyeblink. Now modern science is showing us that cold stress, heat stress, movement, ancestral diets, plant medicines, and other primal activities, can address many of modernity’s core problems, including chronic illness.

By understanding what you are truly well adapted to, you can tap into the “Ancient Intelligence” stored within our DNA. But this can only be accomplished with a holistic approach.

1 on 1 Online Coaching for Transformation

An Integrated Approach for Unlocking Ancient Intelligence


Play and Movement

Ancestral Nutrition

Physical Conditioning for Longevity

Heat and Cold Training


Morning and Evening Routines


Advanced Meditation Techniques


Psychedelic Preparation and Integration

Advanced Breathwork

Integrating the Jungian "Shadow"

Working With Daniel

You are unique. To truly live up to your potential, your genetics, microbiome, deeply held sub-conscious beliefs, and more must all be taken into account.

Most coaches or coaching companies have set programs that don’t take into account that you are an individual. And while some of these programs provide real value, the highest value is found in a completely individualized approach, which I provide.

“He has a graceful way of connecting concepts and a holistic view of health.”

“As a teacher, Daniel is real, attentive, inspired, inclusive, and motivational. He has a graceful way of connecting concepts and a holistic view of health. Daniel gave all of his time when we were at the retreat and invited us to seek his advice on our individual concerns. He challenged my excuses and continues to […]

My Story of Transformation

Suffering from a mysterious auto-immune illness, I have spent the last 15 years learning about the body and mind, in the process re-examining everything I thought I knew about health, wellness, and performance.

While ill, I began to realize that conventional medicine had no answers to my problems. What’s more, I learned that I was not alone – chronic disease rates are steadily rising despite the advances of modern technology.

I was obsessed with turning my life around. I ended up using my analytical ability, (which I assumed would lead me to a career in law) to learn everything I could about evolutionary biology, anthropology, nutrition, functional medicine, and human movement.

Eventually, I won my battle with chronic illness after traveling to Peru to study the traditional indigenous use of psychedelic plant medicine. My current practice is now informed by my experience and fueled by my desire to guide others to become the hero of their own journey using the knowledge and tools learned through my suffering.

My Coaching Philosophy

  • We All Hold Ancient Intelligence – Your genes contain incredible wisdom that can be accessed through cold stress, heat stress, movement, diet, and plant medicines. By accessing this incredible wisdom you will begin to embody the things you admire.
  • Transformation Requires An Integrated Approach – No aspect of health is in a silo. If you’re only interested in losing weight or putting on muscle, there are other coaches for you. Modern science is now showing that strength, nutrition, somatic stress, movement, and psycho-spiritual are all inextricably linked. My devotion is to true transformation, which can only be found through an integrated approach.
  • Live the Evolutionary Middle Path – In the evolutionary history of modern humans (+200,000 years) social media, cheap grains, artificial light, and fractured communities have been just an eyeblink. By understanding what we are truly well adapted to, we can create our own middle path of health and prosperity in the modern world.

Certified Movement, Health, and Psychedelic Integration Coach

My Credentials and Certifications:

My Top 5 Tips for Optimizing Life with Ancient Wisdom

Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

Online Coaching Includes

Two 60 Minute Video Coaching Sessions Per Month

Unlimited E-mail Access with Daniel

Digital Nutrition Tracking and Analysis

Invite-Only Plant Medicine Opportunities

Digital Movement Assessment

Optional Sleep and Activity Tracking via Oura Ring

“Excellent understanding of the program, attention to detail, and execution”

“For me, a professional athlete, the most valuable thing that a coach or trainer can bring to the table is an excellent understanding of the program, attention to detail/execution, and the ability to clearly communicate the intention of each step. Throughout my time working with Daniel, he has done just that and I’m confident that […]

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